Monday, July 22, 2013

Mary Magdeline

Mary Magdeline, apostle to the Apostles

            Very little is know of the history of Mary of Magdelene, except that she was from Magdala, located on the sea of Galilee.  Yeshua cast seven demons out of here, and she was present for his crucifixion and burial.  She is known as apostle to the apostles, because she announced the resurrection of Yeshua, she being the first to have seen him.
            It is said that she witnessed to Tiberious Ceaser, who told her that “a man could rise from the dead no more than the egg in her hand could turn red,” and instantly the egg in her hand turned read.
            It is also said that she aided John the Evangelist in his work at Ephesus until her death.


Judith 9:1,11-14                                                                                                                                   Psalm 42:1-7                                                                                                                                Corinthians 5:14-18                                                                                                                                John 20:11-18

Collect:  Heavenly Father, your son, Yeshua delivered Mary Magdalene of seven demons that she could serve him and be one of the first witnesses to his resurrections,.  We pray that you would remove all things from our lives, spiritual, mental, physical which would keep us from serving you.  This we ask in the name of him to died to free us form our sins, our Lord Yeshua haMoshiach.  Amen.  (white)

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