Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. Andrew: 30 November 2011

St. Andrew, originally a disciple of John the Baptist, was the first disciple to follow Jesus. Andrew seems to have the gift of bringing people to Jesus. He starts with his brother Peter, and it is he who brings the lad with the loaves and fishes to Jesus. When some Greeks wanted to know Jesus, it was Andrew they went to.

Reportedly he preached the Gospel in Byzantium, Thrace, on the Danube, Kiev, the Black Sea, and finally Patra in Peloponesia. Reportedly he met his death there by crucifixion on an X shaped cross for bringing the governor’s brother and the brother’s wife to saving knowledge in Jesus. It is said that Andrew preached to the Christians from the cross.

Psalm 19 or 19:1-6
Deuteronomy 30:11-14
Romans 10:8b-18
Matthew 4:18-22

El Shaddai, you gave your apostle Andrew that special gift of bringing people to Yeshuah, starting with his own brother, Peter. Take away our fear and help us to love you so much that we would always bring people to you. This we ask through Yeshuah, who died that many may enter the kingdom. Amen. (red)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day: 1 November 2011

All Saints Day was originally celebrated in May by the church, and is still celebrated in the Sunday after Pentecost by Eastern Orthodox. In the west it was transferred to November the 1st in order to specifically stand against certain Celtic religious holidays. Originally it was to remember martyrs, but was extended to include all who witnessed to Messiah not only by their deaths, but by their lives.

On this day we remember the entire communion of saints, with whom we share communion through our Saviour Yeshua. It is a special day for remembering all of those saints whose names are not remembered each year in the calendar, and it is a special day to remember that we are called to be saints as well. A saint was not a holy person, but a person who believes in Messiah. A saint becomes holy, by taking up his or her cross daily and following Messiah.

All Saints (or the following Sunday) is considered an excellent day for baptism, for when we are baptised, we become saints as well.

Collect: Blessed God, you have raised up saints in every generation to be lights for us to show us that we too can imitate Messiah. So govern our hearts, that as we remember the heroes of the church, that we follow their example and live for you. This we ask in the name of Yeshuah who lives and reins with you and the Ruach haKodesh, one God, surrounded by saints and all the company of heaven. Amen. (white)