Monday, November 30, 2009

Nicholas Ferrar: 1 December 2009

Nicholas Ferrar (1592-1637)

Many wonder when I leave out so many English Saints, why I remember the Deacon from Little Gidding.

After being ordained to the deaconate, Nicholas and his family and some friends retired to Little Gillddng, in Huntindonshire, England. Once there, they dedicated themselves to prayer, fasting and giving of alms. They restored the church there, and were responsible to see that it had services. They also taught the children, and saw to the health of the people in the surrounding district. They recited the daily offices and read through the entire Psaltery daily. They always kept at least one person before the alter kneeling in prayer, so as to pray without ceasing. They also wrote several books including a harmony of the Gospels.

Nicolas and his family were a fine example of how Christians can live, single and married together in community, serving the community around them. The finest of Anglican tradition, with daily Morning and Evening prayer and caring for the need of the people. This was a true case of the people being the church.

El Shaddai, you gave your deacon, Nicholas Ferrar the ability to form a Christian community that was truly dedicated to you both in prayer and ministry to others. Grant that we, like the Ferrar family would worship you through prayer and fasting, but also in witnessing and taking care of the poor. This we ask through Yeshua, who prayed, forgave sins and preached to the sinner. Amen. (white)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

23 November: C.S. Lewis

Clives Staples Lewis
29 November 1898-22 November 1963

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, C. S. Lewis was baptised into that church at a tender age. As many, he did not receive much nurture from that faith, he fell away from it and officially became an atheist. Like many of his time, Lewis was educated by private tutors and private schools. It was at Malvern College at the age of fifteen that he became an atheist, studying mythology and the occult. He attended Oxford and volunteered to fight in World War I. returning to Oxford afterwards. Influenced by the writings of George McDonald and by G.K. Chesterton, and by J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis came back to Christ, kicking and struggling in his own words in 1931. Joining the Church of England, his works reflect orthodox Anglicanism of his time. Lewis is chiefly known for, The Pilgirms’s Regress, his Space Trilogy, the Chronicles of Narnia, ere Chrisitanity and the Screwtape Letters. He wrote several other books as well with Christian themes. Lewis is probably the most well know Christian apologist of the twentieth century.

Dear Lord, you gave your servant Clive S. Lewis wonderful ability to proclaim your kingdom, love of you, and spiritual truths through the written and spoken word. Raise up in this and every generation authors who truly love you and proclaim you through word and action. This we ask through Yeshuah haMoshiach who himself used parables to proclaim the truth of the kingdom. Amen. (white)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hugh of Lincoon: 17 November 2009

Hugh of Lincoln was born about 1135 in Avalon to noble parents. After his mothers death when he was eight, his father to him to the priory of Villard BenoĆ®t at Pontcharra, where Hugh did quite well. He was made deacon at age 19 and was sent to become prior at anther monastery, and then entered the Gran Chartreuse, the mother house for the Carthusians. There he remained until 1179, when he was sent to England to become prior of the first Carthusian house of England. Arriving, he found very little, and that the lands had not even been paid for, forcing a meeting with the King who had promised the funds in relation to his penance relating to the death of Archbishop Thomas of Canterbury Once financing was secured the house grew rapidly and Hugh’s wisdom brought many to the English house.

Hugh was not afraid to address problems in the Kingdom and criticised the King. For leaving Diocesan Sees open in order that the king could receive the revenues. Lincoln itself had been vacant for some eighteen years. The chapter elected Hugh to be their Bishop and he was consecrated on 21 September 1186. Hugh was still not afraid of the King, nor those with royal authority, and excommunicated those who needed it regardless of royal prerogative, and protected the downtrodden, especially the Jews. He travelled ocntatly through the diocese, was constant in charity and raised the educational level of the cathedral school. He was often attended by a pet swan which followed him everywhere. He refused to raise money for King Richard the Lion Heart’s crusades, and was not popular with Prince John, who was not interested in hearing of the Chirsians duty of Kings. Through all, he managed to continue through his diplomatic skills. He died November 16, 1200 of an unknown illness, loved by many.

Collect: Heavenly Father, as you imbued your Bishop Hugh of Lincoln with true grace and agape for all, help your church to love and serve the poor, oppressed, and outcasts, that they may come to know you through our witness, which we ask in the name of your beloved son, who loved us even unto death on the cross. Amen. (white)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 November: All Souls Day

At Benim Avraham, we primarily remember All Souls on its eve (Sunday night in this case). We light a candle for our loved ones whom we wish to remember with the words,
I light a candle in the memory of N.N. in remembrance that they showed me the light of Christ by.... After the service is over, each person is encouraged to share something of the loved one's life. It is a time of remembrance,and a time to make sure families truly know something of their family history.

Eve: Psalm: 116:10-17
Isaiah 25:6-9
I Thessalonians 4:13-18

All Souls Day:
Psalm: 130
Wisdom 3:1-9
John 5:24-27

Collect: Blessed Father, you are the Lord of the Living, and all the faithful are alive to you. Bless us with the memories of our loved ones who have gone on before us, that we following their examples may find a mansion prepared for us by our Lord Yeshua. This we ask in his most precious name. Amen. (white)