Thursday, July 25, 2013

James the Greater, Apostle, Martyr, 25 July 2013
James the Greater, Apostle, Martyr

            James or Ya’kov, the brother of John, was one of the first of Yeshua’s disciples.  He was a fisherman, and one of the three chosen to witness the transfiguration, and the healing of a young girl.  His mother was also the lady who asked Jesus to give her children seats at his right and left hand at the kingdom.  Together with his brother, known as Boanerges or sons of Thunder for their hot headedness.   Tradition holds that he was the first apostle martyred for his faith and he is the only apostle whose martyrdom is recorded in the New Testament. 
            Legend has it that he preached in Spain before returning to the Holy Land to be martyred.  Supposedly his remains are found in the Cathedral Church of St. James of Compestola in Spain. 

Heavenly Father, who permitted James to be the first of the twelve to witness to Yeshua through martyrdom.  Make us willing to give up all for the sake of Messiah, this we ask in his most precious name.  Amen.  (red)

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