Wednesday, January 22, 2014

St. Vincent of Saragoza, Deacon, Martyr: 22 January 2014

St. Vincent of Zaragoza (died 304)

St. Vincent was born in Huesca, Spain.  He lived in Zaragoza and served as Deacon to the Bishop Valerius.  According to legend, when he and Valerius were brought to trial, that Valerius could not respond due to a speech impediment.  Receiving the Bishops permission to speak, Vincent  launched into a fervent defence of the faith.  Even his gaoler was converted.  Vincent suffered many severe torments, before dying without renouncing his Lord. 

Collect:  Heavenly Father, as you raised Vincent to be deacon in Saragossa, and gave him eloquence to proclaim and strength to die for his faith, so fill us with your spirit that we would always be ready to proclaim the Gospel and to live and die for Yeshua.  In the name of Yeshua we pray, Amen.  (red)

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