Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nicholas Ferrar: 1 December 2012

Nicholas Ferrar (1592-1637)

Many wonder when I leave out so many English Saints, why I remember the Deacon from Little Gidding. 

After being ordained to the deaconate, Nicholas and his family and some friends retired to Little Giddng, in Huntindonshire, England. Once there, they dedicated themselves to prayer, fasting and giving of alms.  They restored the church there, and were responsible to see that it had services. They also taught the children, and saw to the health of the people in the surrounding district.  They recited the daily offices and read through the entire Psaltery daily.  They always kept at least one person before the alter kneeling in prayer, so as to pray without ceasing.  They also wrote several books including several harmonies of the Gospels. 

Nicolas and his family were a fine example of how Christians can live, single and married together in community, serving the community around them.  The finest of Anglican tradition, with daily Morning and Evening prayer and caring for the need of the people.  This was a true case of the people being the church and any Christian family can follow their example..
Psalm 15
Exodus 35:1-5a, 24-29
Galatians 6:7-10
Luke 10:38-42

El Shaddai, you gave your deacon, Nicholas Ferrar the ability to form a Christian community that was truly dedicated to you both in prayer and ministry to others.  Grant that we, like the Ferrar family would worship you through prayer and fasting, but also in witnessing and taking care of the poor.  This we ask through Yeshua, who prayed, forgave sins and preached to the sinner. Amen.  (white)

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