Monday, August 20, 2012

St. Bernard of Clarveaux: 20 August

St. Bernard of Clairveaux was born to a noble Burgundian family. He was given a good education, and entered the monatery of Citeaux.  Three years later he left to found a new house which eventually was named Clairveaux.  Conditions at the monastery were austere, to the point of breaking Bernard’s health.  Despite the austerity young men flocked to the monastery, and indeed to such a point that about 93 monasteries were created from the overflow. 

St. Bernard was famous for his preaching and writing.  He helped heal schism in the church by convincing the anti-Pope, Victor to step down.  Following this high point, he preached against heretics, most notably against  Peter Abalard and Henry of Lausanne.  He was also known for preaching up the 3rd Crusade, which failed miserably for various reasons.   

The writings with which he left us include sermons (over 500) treatises, hymns and others.  These writings are still influential amongst all Christians today.

Dear Lord, you gave Bernard of Clairvaux gifts of preaching and teaching to build up the church.  Grant in this and every age men and women who would call the world to follow you in love and understanding.   This we ask through Yeshuah haMoshiach, who lives and reigns with you in glory everlasting.  Amen.  (white)

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