Monday, March 8, 2010

Gregory of Nyssa:9 March 2010

Gregory, with his brother Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzus is considered to be on the Cappadocian fathers. He was born in Turkey and made Bishop by his brother Basil so as to have an ally in the area. He is known chiefly for helping develop the idea of the Trinity and the infinity of God.

He was deposed twoice by the Aryans, but continued to be a strong defender against their teaching.

Collect: : Heavenly Father, you raised up your servant Gregory of Nyssa to proclaim the Christian faith of one God in trinity of persons. Strengthen us, that like him we may continue steadfast in proclaiming the truth faith. This we ask through Yeshuah HaMoshiach, our Lord and Saviour who lives and reigns with you and the Ruach haKodesh, one God in glory everlasting. Amen. (white)

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