Friday, December 4, 2009

St. Clement of Alexandria: 5 December

St. Clement of Alexandria was from Athens and followed many teachers until he came to the true teacher, Jesus. Athens was a trade and culture center at the time, and it was natural that the catechetical school would develop there. Clement was one of the early teachers, beginning teaching there in about 190. Clements main contribution to theology is in what he taught Origen. Also during the persecution in about 212, he flees Alexandria, and going to Cappadocia to help his former pupil Bishop Alexander during the persecution. The events of his death are unknown, but he died between 212 and 215.

Collect: El Shaddai, your presbyter Clement of Alexandria came to you after much seeking and dedicated himself to teaching the faith to Christians and Pagans. Grant in this and every place men and women who are dedicated to teaching your holy word to those who know and do not know you, and grant that we would truly teach Christians what is truly meant to walk with you. This we ask through our Saviour, Yeshuah haMoshiach who taught his disciples the truth. Amen. (red)

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