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19 September: St. Theodore of Tarsus, Rosh HaShanna

Today we celebrate St. Theodore of Tarsus and Rosh Hoshanna.

Rosh Hoshanna is Jewish New Year. It is celebrated by dipping bread and apples in honey and eating them asking God to give us a sweet year. This day in the synagogue, the shofar (Ram's horn) is blown to trumpet God in as king of the universe. At point we will go to a river or stream and throw bread crumbs in and watch them being carried away to remember that God will remove our sins from us as far as the east from the west when we accept Jesus as Saviour.

What Does the Shofar Say

Listen to the sound of the Shofar, this Rosh Hashanah day,
What is it, what does the Shofar say?
Awake, sleepers arise!
Don’t be like sheep, so sound asleep,
Letting the wolf in the door, to destroy, corrupt and more.
He’s in the music, promoting drugs,
He’s on TV promoting sex and rebellion,
He’s in the school teaching one to be a hellion.
Parents, do you love your children,
Then teach them, teach them.
At their rising, at their sitting,
Going out, coming in, at their eating,
Jesus Christ is Lord, He died for you, and many more,
And expects to be your Lord.

Listen to the sound of the Shofar, this Rosh Hashanah day,
What is it, what does the Shofar say?
Awake, sleepers arise!
Don’t be like sheep, so sound asleep,
False shepherds abound misleading the sheep,
Saying science, psychology is King.
If it feels good do it, if it hurts no-one, ‘tis not a sin, or so they sing.
Jesus is not Lord, he’s just one way, of which there are many more.
Stand up O sheep, flee from such shepherds, For at that last day, they shall flee, or
Be astounded, upon finding resurrection is true,
But alas they are blue,
For never having known Jesus, they have condemned themselves,
And those who followed them to a future so bleak,
That to think upon makes me weak

Listen to the sound of the Shofar, this Rosh Hashanah day,
What is it, what does the Shofar say?
Ti ra! Ti ra! Arise, charge, ‘tis time to fight the good fight,
‘tis time to show the adversary our might.
Put on the Gospel Armour, refrain from retreating,
It is time to gain souls, it is time to gain kings,
It is time to show the world our Lord and King.
We have been asleep, allowing Satan his will
And we have had to pay the bill.
The time is over, Satin take cover,
For the church is called to be on the move.
Blow the shofar, blow the trumpet, Good Christians, ATTACK!
You are the mighty hosts of the Lord, armed with his Spirit and Word,
The battle is yours, the war is the Lord’s.

St. Theodore of Tarsus

St. Theodore of Tarsus was sent by Pope Vitalian of Rome to take the place of the Anglo Saxon candidate for Bishop, Wighard died in Rome. Theodore, already 65, a monk, but not yet presbyter turned out to be an excellent man for the job. He worked out differences between Roman and Celtic traditions, filled vacant Bishoprics and organized the very first council of the Church of England. He was, according to Bede the first Archibishop whom all the English obeyed. He organized dioceses, set boundaries and basically organized the English church. One of his organizational details is still used by our church. Twenty five percent of the offering to the poor, twenty five percent to maintaining the church, twenty five per cent to the clergy for maintenance of the altar and clergy and twenty five per cent to the bishop for his expenses and misson.

He also founded a school which was attended by Celts and English, helping to unify the traditions, and which taught Greek, Latin, poetry, astronomy and calendar calculation.

When Theodore arrived, things were a mess. When he died twenty three years later at the age of 88 on 19 September, 690, the church was organized and ready for mission.

Collect: Heavenly Father, you sent Theodore to organize and put right the church of England and to reconcile the church of the English with the Church of the Celts. Raise up among us, clergy and laity, who will help organise the church today so that it would be an effective means of evangelising the world in which we live. This we ask in the name of Yeshua, who lives and reigns with you and Ruach ha Kodesh, one God in Glory everlasting. Amen. (white)

Collect for Rosh Hoshanna:Father as on this day we commemorate the creation of human kind, help us to repent in truth from our many sins, and to learn to truly walk and talk with you as did Adam and Hava. Let the shofar truly call us to be with you, and may you grant us a sweet year to come. This we ask through Yeshua haMoshiach who lives and reins with you and Ruach haKodesh, one God in glory everlasting. (white)

Lesson for Rosh Hoshanna: Numbers 29:1-26, Psalm 81

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